Saturday, 7 February 2009

I was up early to enjoy the sunrise
Sat Feb 7 09
and getting some housework done before it got too hot.

Silly me wasn't wearing shoes as I made the bed.
Stubbed my toe and am now hobbling around the house.
I sincerely hope its better by Monday as I have a busy week ahead.

Postscript: 22nd February

This post was uploaded just after sunrise on
Saturday, 7th February

Little did I know, at the time - 6am, that bushfires
in Melbourne would be raging out of control later in the day.

With this particular blog if I want the post to have the correct day
I need to post after 7pm on the day.


val said...

At what unearthly hour did the sun rise? One of those times that shouldn't be witnessed twice in one day?

Sorry, I'm in full winter grump mode today!

Frances said...

Sunrise for me 5.30am.
I am not a good sleeper,so once awake I get up.

Fizzgig said...

i looooove cloud pictures, the way it shows the rays of sunshine is amazing, like a jimmy dean breakfast commercial!