Sunday, 31 January 2010

Twitter Chatter
NASA - International Space Station tracking
Lots of folks asking where we are, what we see right now.
Go here to find us -
Roll your mouse over the Space Station on map 
and it will show you who is currently aboard SS.
This is FUN
This NASA site enables you to see the ISS 

as it zooms across the sky.

International Space Station flight sightings for Sydney
from 30 January through to Sat Feb 13 are located here -

Trivia: On a clear day/night it should be see-able!
or you may need a telescope for a clearer view.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Having a quiet day at home today -It's Hot- Mid 30Cs inside and will get hotter as the day goes on.

Unfortunately, chilled air via air con make my bones ache, luckily I don't mind the heat, so I grin and bear it.

I have only ventured out to put some towels to dry on the clothes line. Feel very lazy not doing the usual Saturday ritual of vacuuming, washes heaps of clothes and mowing the lawn.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

On Monday I dropped into Erina Fair,  on the way home from work to pick up some milk and bread. Naturally, I checked out the sales on offer before I ventured into Woolies, I had a little wander around the Myer store and I had a look at the Netbooks that were on sale, one particular one - a ASUS eee PC Seashell 1005PE  with 160GB  HHD  reduced from $499 down to $399 because it was a demo,  I checked to see what OS it had 
- XP was installed.

Not one to grab and buy. I rang my son to see what he thought not having any idea about Netbooks. He said it sounded a good deal, so went back to  have another chat with nice salesman and encountered his pushy co-worker
 - told him ... no way -  I want my original salesman. 

Original salesman with beaming smile went to collect a new Netbook from stock, on returning he said he made a mistake! this one had a Win 7 Starter OS and 250GB HHD and he would give it to me for the same price. YAY. 
So far the Netbook has had pride of place on dining table, I have been so busy this week that I am waiting for the weekend to have a play..Woohoo. My desktop computer is 5 years old with XP so this will be a dream  to use, I plan on using it mainly for my family history research and saving all my family photos.

Don't you just love New Year sales.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

We have just had a thunderstorm complete with strong winds, hailstones and lots of torrential rain storm through my town.

 I couldn't put the car away as my son and his friend had put some of their belongings in garage
 - they are between apartments -
 including a small motor bike. So my car was out getting pelted by small hailstones and their tacky second-hand stuff was taking up room in the garage.

My dogs, Bailey and Karli are on a rug beside my computer chair and Darcy the cat has spread himself out on my foot stool, patting at my feet with his paw as I try to take possession of my foot rest.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

I bought myself a new mobile phone today, a Samsung Preston and have just spent 2 hours finding my way around the menu. Luckily I wrote down all my contacts before I upgraded as some I had entered straight into mobile rather then write it in address book!.   
I had my old mobile 5 yrs son keeps losing his phones. ..
AWESOME... Mum 1, Son 3 ...  ROTFL.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Its Saturday morning and I am cruising on Youtube
and found a quirky Avatar interview.

AVATAR - Funny Interviews with
James Cameron, Sam Worthington & Zoe Saldana

Monday, 4 January 2010

I went back to work today after 2 weeks vacation and even though I enjoyed the holiday it was great to get back to my work routine.

My elderly clients were glad to see me after having visits from their families - tales of  family dramas, catching up with gossiping and laughter. They loved seeing their loved ones over the break but missed their own routines and their own beds. lol.

I left them with smiles on their faces, their rooms re-arranged to their own liking. The extra dishes, cutlery and bed linen packed away till the next family gathering.

I was told by one that her family had offered to tidy up and put things away for her but no
 - Its ok, Frances, knows where everything belongs, she'll do it! Huh!. Thanks!

A month from now I will probably be planning my next holiday as the routine starts to get monotonous.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

I didn't go into Sydney on NYE as my shoulder was feeling a little fragile. I spent a quiet evening at home and just pottered around. 

Back to work Monday and so now is the time for me to do all those little jobs I should have done these past 2 weeks.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year, Everyone.


Enjoy your holidays and drive safely.