Thursday, 9 July 2009

I found this subject on the SoulPancake site

Can you list 5 things that defines God

What is God? The trite answers—“God is love” or “God is good”—abound. But the reality is that God IS a lot of things, including “undefinable.” And that got us thinking: What is God NOT?

1. God is not a genie in a magic lamp.
2. God is not comprehensible.
3. God is not like grandpa, always ready with hugs and candy.
4. God does not exclude.
5. God does not worry that I like bacon.

List five things God is NOT.

:: God "not" list by @meggo

Here's another-

IXTHUS - 4 hours ago

God is not Santa Claus (making a list....)
God is not a televangelist (send $$$$...)
God is not against you (He loves us all)
God is not out to 'get you' if you don't believe in Him
God is not a bumper sticker


val said...

If you are a believer, you will not like mine.
God is not all-loving.
God is not all-powerful.
God is not all-knowing.

And given my 4th one, clearly I cannot add a 5th!

God is not.

Anonymous said...

Love the "God does not worry that I like bacon."

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

That was a great post.