Monday, 2 November 2009

A lazy day today, lots to do
but because of my sore shoulder I have to take it easy.

I am still waiting for my annual leave to be approved I sent it in over a month ago but because my supervisor was on leave for 3 weeks, she is only now attending to it ... not happy...because now others in my team have put in request for their leave now. Cross fingers she processes by date not top of pile.

Yeh! I know I'm having a whinge but my leave is for the Christmas and New Year weeks, we get so much tourist traffic over this period plus Christmas shoppers that it is quite stressful to drive in amongst them ... especially near the beachs as the tourists tend to rubber-neck and potter. lol

I drive over that small bridge, at the bottom
of the photo, each day to get to work,
Avoca Beach
A couple of times a week I visit clients here

Copacabana (Central Coast))
and here also.

Shelly Beach (Central Coast)
This beach is up the road from where I live.


val said...

Working over Christmas and New Year - thank goodness I never had to.

BASRIC said...

Lovely picture, am quite jealous.