Monday, 4 January 2010

I went back to work today after 2 weeks vacation and even though I enjoyed the holiday it was great to get back to my work routine.

My elderly clients were glad to see me after having visits from their families - tales of  family dramas, catching up with gossiping and laughter. They loved seeing their loved ones over the break but missed their own routines and their own beds. lol.

I left them with smiles on their faces, their rooms re-arranged to their own liking. The extra dishes, cutlery and bed linen packed away till the next family gathering.

I was told by one that her family had offered to tidy up and put things away for her but no
 - Its ok, Frances, knows where everything belongs, she'll do it! Huh!. Thanks!

A month from now I will probably be planning my next holiday as the routine starts to get monotonous.


val said...

How nice of them to share their confidence in you!

Fizzgig said...

2 wks vacation? lucky!

diane said...

I take my hat off to aged care workers. I saw what they do when my mum was in care for 4 years

val said...

Frances, your other blog page isn't loading properly. I can see the picture (is it a satellite image of Wales?) but with no backgorund I can't see the words. I can see lots of Photobucket boxes, though!

Hope it gets better soon.