Sunday, 17 January 2010

We have just had a thunderstorm complete with strong winds, hailstones and lots of torrential rain storm through my town.

 I couldn't put the car away as my son and his friend had put some of their belongings in garage
 - they are between apartments -
 including a small motor bike. So my car was out getting pelted by small hailstones and their tacky second-hand stuff was taking up room in the garage.

My dogs, Bailey and Karli are on a rug beside my computer chair and Darcy the cat has spread himself out on my foot stool, patting at my feet with his paw as I try to take possession of my foot rest.

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val said...

I hope your nice new car is unscathed.I've heard of golf ball sized hail stones falling in France and denting cars and smashing windscreens.