Sunday, 11 April 2010

I should be out in the yard - doing something
or tidying up the clutter inside
but I couldn't be bothered... feeling very lazy today.
Darcy has taken over my reading lap-table. (!)
So naturally I can't disturb him so
I'm reduced to watching the telly.
Criminal Intent, Bones, CSI-LA - Miami
or a little N3mbers will do.


val said...

Glad to see that you decided to take Darcy's lead.

Past and Present said...

Bones is the one programme Dear Husband refuses to watch so he goes to bed Yes Yes the TV remote is mine.I love Meduim and ghost Whisperer as well.
Enjoy your weekend.

Fizzgig said...

im totally coming back in my next life as a cat. the world is your oyster, no one bothers you when you sleep cus you are cute, you dont have to work for your supper, and you are loved and adored.