Friday, 18 June 2010

Last Thursday I headed up the Pacific Highway to Emerald Beach
and stayed a couple of days with my sister,
Cathy and brother-in-law, Greg.
It was a quick trip as I was due back to work on Tuesday
after the long weekend.

Friday, we bought some fish 'n chips and had them
on an outside table overlooking the yachts
Cathy and I
then onto Coffs Harbour Yacht club for a quiet drink
before heading back to Emerald to get in
out of the wind. Brrr.
Coffs Jetty June'10


val said...

It does look chilly.

Some years ago I worked in a school with a very long lunch hour and some interested bird watches. We used to go down to the marshes sometimes. The gate we passed through had a sign saying "Erith Yatch Club". Made me smile every time!

Lorraine said...

Always nice to have fish and chips by the water.....and to visit family of course!