Friday, 16 July 2010

Its 11.30pm on Friday night and I am doing my washing. The heat in the house from the floor heaters will dry my clothes overnight, at the moment the first load is on hangers strung across the room.
  • 5 pairs of navy blue pants
  • 4 navy blue blouses
  • 1 light blue blouse
  • 2 work jackets.
  • 1 navy blue thermal vest.
  • 5 pairs of navy blue socks in dryer.
The usual Friday work wash.

Tomorrow I'll get up early and wash sheets and towels. They will be put on the rotary clothesline to dry in the sun. Once the sun warms up I will take the work clothes out to get a bit of sun and breeze on them.

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River said...

You used a dryer for only 5 pairs of socks? Can the work clothes not go in the dryer too? Or do they come out too badly wrinkled? Just curious.