Thursday, 19 May 2011

Still recovering from a bout of flu.

In my third week.

Up to the coughing stage now.
(I sound like Muttley}.

Rest, rest, rest ... I have been told ... with plenty of fluids.


val said...

Rest, yeah, like that ever happens!

Feel well soon.

Ramblings Of The Dysfunctional. said...

If it's any consolation Muttley was one cool cartoon.

Frances said...

Val- I had to force myself to rest, the usual 1-2 days to get over a cold wasn't working.

ROTD - I think he had more a snigger than a laugh but at least I don't have to clutch my stomach when I cough now. Strained stomach muscles!!

Poneis said...

So an improvement to post more interesting things. "All evil, comes with some good"