Sunday, 4 September 2011

Sunday's Selections

Kim from
has started a photo meme that anyone can join in and play as well.

Jetty Beach at Coffs Harbour, NSW

aladybythesea #2


The Elephant's Child said...

That is a truly beautiful shot. There is something magical about water, and about the ocean in particular. Thanks.

frog ponds rock... said...

Wow, how long is the jetty?

Tat said...

A relaxing photo, makes me long for a holiday! Not long to go... I'm at (I can only comment with Google profile on your site)

Cherie said...

One of my fave places, gorgeous pic, Thank You for the memories :) Hope you have a grand week :)

Wonderful Jewelry said...

I like this place. thank you for sharing beautiful pictures.

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