Thursday, 26 January 2012

Live coverage of Australia Day 2012
including Darling Harbour fireworks.

Watching the live stream from Darling Harbour brought back memories of the year
 I took my 5' tall, 78 year old mother to the Australia Day fireworks.

A pack of 6' tall teenagers formed a circle around her
 to protect her from the jostling crowd.

  C'mon Grandma we'll look after you, they said.
Stand clear, Grandma coming through, they yelled.
Laughter all round. AusDay, 1996.


Kaneko said...

Oh I didnt know it was Australia day today! thanks!

val said...

Happy Aussie Day - though it's over now for you, of course.

Eka Arifin said...

I love the view... ^^