Sunday, 4 March 2012

I dropped into a local Salvo store on Friday to have a look to see if they had anything interesting,
 and walked out with this large framed print - 
 The Loggers' Teabreak by D'arcy W Doyle 
for a bargain price of $30.


I love it. The composition of the colours is superb.


RHade said...

Your blog is amazing the layout , the style . Have you always lived in Sydney ? Please follow me on Treacle Time !! Which is all about my little dog Treacle . From Rosie Aged 11 xx

Torggil said...

Love the print. You didn't buy it, though. you stole it at $30.

Frances said...

Rosie: Hi Rosie, thanks for visiting.

Torggil: I did check with the staff it was the right price but don't worry I have given it a good home.

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