Friday, 12 June 2009

Exhibition Hall at Darling Harbour, Sydney
ExHib Ctr Darling Harbour
where the Australia's No.1 - Craft and Quilting Fair was
held this week. I was so overwhelmed by the huge
collection of entries that I forgot to take photos,
it was a quilty-crafty person's heaven.
Craft Expo DH

No sure why this big red wheel is located at DH,
a new amusement for the kiddies ... maybe.
Big Wheel DH

After the Fair I rushed up to Central Station to meet
my eldest son,we wandered off to Chinatown for a meal,
then I headed back to Central Station to catch
the train up the coast and home.
Central Station
There was trackwork further north so the timetables
were 'shitty',I had to wait 45 minutes before
the train left to take me home.
A long day.


val said...

The big "exhibition" news over here is that Banksy has been allowed secretly to set up an exhibition in the main art gallery in his home town of Bristol. Even the director of the gallery still doesn't know who he is, as a team would arrive each day to set up.

Wish I could get to see it.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!