Saturday, 6 June 2009

First day of two weeks holidays ...Today- Saturday,
I have already washed the new car,
Hyundai Getz 2009 21 May 09
(My new car - Hyundai Getz 2009 - a lovely drive.)

mowed the back yard,
started to demolish a old cubby house,
washed my bedroom curtains and sheets,
moved a dressing table out of son's room and into
the spare room and started to strip it back to stain/paint,
stopped for lunch ...whew...

at this rate I will have renovated the whole house
by the time I get back to work. lol

The dressing table is for my room...
can't decide whether to re-stain it
or paint white to match side tables in room
... decisions, decisions.


Suzer said...

I'm stripping back a table as well that had been painted, and I think it's walnut underneath. My vote is always to stain if you can.

val said...

When you've finished with your house...

Florida Girl In Sydney said...

Wow, that's mighty productive of you. I think I need a nap and I've done like nothing today.