Darcy loves to lie along the window ledge
on a rainy day.
This week the local birds have been particularly hard on him
as they tend the young. Everytime he ventures outside they dive-bomb him.


val said…
At least they divebomb him BEFORE he catches a chick. Many years ago a cat of mine came speeding inside because some birds were divebombing him because he already had one of their chicks in his mouth.
BASRIC said…
I feel for him, we have nesting mocking birds in the bushes by the front door, they dive bomb us.
I think it's a law that all cats have to sit on windowsills.

There's a pair of red wattlebirds around here that ALWAYS divebomb bagheera and chase him insdie.
Our Red House said…
I'm over the maggies dive-bombing me too!


rhubarbwhine said…
How gorgeous is that? Too cute ;)