Sunday, 24 October 2010

Enjoying a day at The Entrance on Saturday.
A coastal town at the entrance to Tuggerah Lakes

Coffee and cake, anyone.

A Tribute to Classic American Autos, Hot Rods and Rock & Roll.
A gathering of Classic American Autos were in town for the weekend.


val said...

Old cars are fun. Every year there's an Old Crocks Race from London to Brighton (though I haven't heard it mentioned anywhere for years, so I suppose it still goes on) and we used to live on a main road where a lot of the cars would pass. It was wonderful.

If you've ever seen the film Genevieve, that was the race.

val said...

Just looked it up - it's on November 7th. All those open tops in the cold, and maybe rain!

Anonymous said...

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Frances said...

I translated Luciane's comment.
I loved your blog dear ..
congratulations .. bjus.


Thank You, You're Welcome.

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