Sunday, 15 August 2010

I can't help myself
... here's another,
For Val, according to the conductor,
The Pirate King (JE) takes a size 13 1/2 boots. lol.

ABC-Talking Heads transcript-Jon English


val said...

They're pretty tasty-looking buttocks, too!

Oh, sorry, was I supposed to be listening?

River said...

Jon English is just over six feet tall, hence the huge boots.
After seeing The Mikado, I took my program book aropund to the stage entrance and waited for Jon to come out and he signed it for me. Sadly a few years later the book was ditched (accidentally)into the bin along with several other signed souvenirs, when I was tossing out boxes of junk.
I've loved Jon English forever.
Did you see him in the TV series Altogether Now? And the mini series Against The Wind?
Thanks for the ABC shop tip.

Frances said...

Val: I heard a buzzing in my ears while watching had to replay a couple of times before I realised it was the

River: Jon is 6'2".

I had my mum and children with me when I went to see the show so had to show a little decorum. lol.

He was recently performing here on the Central Coast at Lizotte's . I saw the show advertised on their noticeboard in the morning by the afternoon the show was sold out.